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Our professionals are working with full dedication and close coordination. Safety netting, in combination with an effective edge protection system, can deliver a fast, safe and economic height-safety solution by providing a complete safety "envelope" around site workers.

We are one of the major traders and dealers in providing the net services across various verticals for more than 11 years. Our services include Balcony Safety Net, Pigeon Safety Nets, Children Safety Net, Duct Area Safety Net, Cricket Practice Net, Construction Safety Net, Industrial Safety Net, Swimming Pool Safety Net, Staircase Safety Net, Monkey Safety Net, Glass Safety Net, Coconut Safety Net, Mosquito Net, All Sports Practice Nets, Bird Spikes, Anti Bird, Pigeon Nets for Balconies, Bird Protection Nets, Agro Shade Nets, Plant Support Netting, Garden Netting, Shade Nets, Car Parking Safety Net etc...

Why Us


We offer absolute Installation Free of nets fixing for all types of requirements. Accident prevention safety netting system for children, adults and pets


We ensure that only quality assured products are offered by us. We offer these products at very reasonable prices.

Why Pigeon Safety Nets?

pigeon droppings not only gives additional maintenance and also have many health hazards, they damage your property , window, glasses


Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony safety nets are installed to give safety and well being at home protecting children, adults, pets and objects that may fall from height, terraces, balcony, window, doors, stairs, pools etc. Balcony nets are helps us to protect our properties as well as people.

Grill Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony safety net is used to prevent unwanted situation in buildings or apartments.. Where unexpected falling from balcony leads people life risky. It makes people tension free, never feel fear to stay in high building

Duct Area Safety Nets

In commercial and domestic requirement, our team provides Duct area safety nets, which secure the open space among two blocks of buildings. Generally, this duct area is interrupted by the birds. Our team has expert personnel to cover a duct area, where is not possible easily.

Cricket Practice Nets

Our team also has a solution for your playing area with the use of Crickets / Sports Net. So we can enjoy our game without any trouble. We find customer requirements of sports related nets. Also, our team offer sports net are for smaller place in high playgrounds. As well as we manufacture nets for outdoor and indoor games. These nets are specially designed with the use of high stability material

Anti Pigeon Spikes

A bird control spike is also known as anti-bird spike. The bird control devices are consisting of long, needle like rods which utilized for bird control. This device can be attached with building ledges, windowsills, signs, building projections, trusses, beam, statues, lights, poles, awnings, support structure and roof perimeters. The bird control spikes are without hurting or killing the birds.

Pigeon Safety Nets

We are face several problems with pigeons / birds in our places like hospitals, factories, apartments and hotels. Anti-birds, safety nets are known for its durability, long service life and low maintenance features. We are the endeavour in making special transparent nylon nets,Pigeon nets are to prevent from pigeon making shelters in buildings and dirtying place..

Terrace Cricket Nets

Cricket Net & Football Net Are Manufactured Using High-Grade Material And Is Appreciated For Their Strong Construction And Long Life. Furthermore, The Net Is Offered To The Clients In Different Specifications, Depending Upon Their Requirements. Easy To Install And High Tear Strength, This Net Is Highly Demanded In The Market.

Building Safety Nets

We are expertisation in fixing Glass Building Safety Nets, Which protect the outside glass.
Glass Building Nets are used mainly 2 purposes If any protest happening near the building, there might be the chance that someone may throw stones on glass buildings which cost in heavily, to avoid such thing glass safety nets are used.

Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase safety nets are mainly for the kindergarten and children at home. Staircase prevents the children from falling. We can provide hundred percent care of children all day; there are lots of possibilities for the accident to happen in schools, kindergarten, and homes.

Window AC Nets Fixing for Pigeon Protection

Our birds protection nets are providing the permanent solution for the problems of the birds and other insects are living or come to your home. Our main goal is to offer the premium quality bird net installation for our customers, which is one of the main reasons for our growth and to get the name of the best bird netting services.

Open Area Safety Nets

Aside from our tremendous range items, we can give customization in every one of our assembling products with our very much overseen foundation. You can totally depend on our Open Area Pigeon Nets to cover your condo conduit area.We utilize standard Safety measures to cover open region pigeon nets.

Children Safety Nets

Children safety nets are helping to save our child from dropping out from terrace, balcony, staircase and window. These children safety nets will not tear continuously. Also sharp edges are not available in that net, so that net will protect our children. It is reliable, safe and well manufactured.

Industrial Safety Nets

Our safety nets team have idea for several materials handling application and custom configuration or pre packed. An Industrial safety nets to help to save people and minimize damage in storage and warehouse areas. Our team has a debris containment device, 3M safety netting system and fall safety that provide safety for our people without using their active involvement.

Construction Safety Nets

Falling from the height is very dangerous when build the construction either materials or workers. Our construction safety nets team has established underneath a work area to minimize the wounds in the case of someone or something falls. Our safety nets manufactured specially from high standard nets quality because construction sites require loaded weighted nets and fully equipped nets.

Swimming Pool Nets

Take the worry out of pool safety and maintenance during the off-season. Safety Covers not only protect your pool from the elements, but your loved ones as well. These covers have the strength to carry the weight of not only snow and storm debris, but also children and pets. Does your pool have a unique shape or size? We also offer custom Safety Covers for any swimming pool!

Window Chajja Nets

Our birds protection nets are providing the permanent solution for the problems of the birds and other insects are living or come to your home. Our main goal is to offer the premium quality bird net installation for our customers, which is one of the main reasons for our growth and to get the name of the best bird netting services

Monkey Safety Nets

Money Safety Nets are used to avoid monkey’s entering your premises. Monkeys are major irritating animals in several areas. Monkeys are easily attacking the people in huge apartments & make people destroyed for a simple reason.
To avoid this problem, immediately contact with our team to get the Monkey safety net.

Parking Safety Nets

Especially companies and industries are need of parking lot nets because they have responsibilities to protect employees' vehicles. Parking lots and garages are convenient and necessary for many businesses...Car Parking Safety Nets are utilized to safeguard the Vehicles. If you require a fine quality netting solution, please contact with our team.

News & Articles

Shade Nets

Agro Shade nets is formed with the primary objective of producing shade nets uses for agriculture and commercial purposes. Agro Shade nets all kinds of shade nets with different thickness. Shade nets are used to provide the near natural condition by cutting the excess radiation for the plants to grow.

Health Hazards of Pigeons

Both humans and animals can be affected. The disease is transmitted to humans by airborne fungus spores from soil contaminated by pigeon and starling droppings (as well as from the droppings of other birds and bats). ... On occasion, the disease can cause high fever, blood abnormalities, pneumonia and even death.

Questions and Answers

  • What is the maximum spacing between net attachments?

    The maximum centres for attachment of a fall arrest safety net is 2.5m when rope ties are used. It must be noted that other proprietary attachment devices may require closer attachment points and the manufacturer's recommendations must always be followed.

  • Is Pigeon Dirting Your Balcony?

    Being a quality-oriented organization, we make use of the finest quality raw material that is procured from the vendors of high repute after doing a diligent study based on several quality parameters adhering to best quality and standards.

  • We are providing safety to people.

    Due to the excellent quality, which is at par with that of internationally available products, it will serve buyers for a long time.

  • How high can a person fall into a safety net?

    States that the maximum permissible fall height into a safety net is 6m from the work position, which means that the maximum nominal fall height from the centre of gravity of a person is 7m. It should be noted that for safety nets less than 35m2 in total area, or a side length less than 5m, the maximum height an operative is allowed to work above a net is 2m as there is an insufficient fabric area to absorb the energy falls from a greater height

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